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The identification method of fabric composition
Remember to go to school when the teacher taught us by combustion method can identify the composition of cloth, is a small piece of cloth with fire burning, by observing the color of the flame, the product of the smell of burning and burning to distinguish between fabric content. So this method is really best win? Different composition of the fabric is burned what's different?

Cotton and hemp are very easy to burning material, just close to the flame burning, quickly burning flame is yellow, the blue smoke. But cotton fiber combustion produces paper when smell, can produce very little black or gray powder ash; Hemp burns will emit the smell of plant ash, ash is off-white powder. Nylon and polyester are chemical fiber, nylon meet flame will dissolve into white colloidal, burns no flame will send out a celery flavour, combustion products not easily crushed after cooling. Polyester flammable yellow flame and smoke during burning, send out a fragrant smell, burning ashes for dark brown lump, can lay crushed by hand. Here you must have mastered the skills of must identify fabrics.  

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