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There are several types of fabrics with clothing
Type 1, soft fabric drape, good quality of a material is frivolous, the line is smooth, make the clothing silhouette of a more natural stretch. This kind of fabric is generally includes smooth evacuation of knitted fabrics of silk fabrics, structure and thin yarn fabrics, and so on.
Type 2, pretty cool fabric line cleaning have qualitative feeling, make the clothing silhouette, this kind of fabric because can highlight the dimension of a garment is a type often used for making a suit, suits, etc. Common type got a twill fabrics, cotton cloth, corduroy, linen and some relatively thick wool etc.
Type 3, burnish feeling of fabric surface is smooth and shiny, make clothing can produce a dazzling visual effects, often used to make evening dress or stage performance clothing.
4, including all kinds of thick wool heavy weight fabrics, this kind of fabric is quite thick broad expansion has form feeling.

5, transparent fabric quality of a material is thin and transparent, with elegant and mysterious art effect, such as thin yarn spun silk or sexy lace.   

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