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Children's wear problem of choose and buy

When choosing clothes, first of all, pay attention to is the color of the clothes, children for sensitive color with original and unique, so when to buy baby clothes to judge from the body and skin color. If your baby's skin is more white color is more bright, so the choice of the color range can relax a little, wear warm color department such as pink, red, yellow, can let the baby more show lively and lovely. Dressed in gray or black people will appear comeliness, elegance, each has his strong point. In addition on the form also want to and colour collocation, if is the comparison of the body fat baby will choose cool color or brunet department clothes, so colors on the vision has the contraction can let the child look thin; If the baby's body is thin, it should choose the warm color department clothes for him, this kind of clothes is outward expansion on the vision, give a person a kind of warm feeling will keep the children appear more healthy and beautiful.

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