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Foreign trade clothing why so hot

Foreign trade clothing with its cheap touched the hearts of consumers, also afraid of you not to buy? Then why do foreign trade clothing so "cheap"? In fact the inflows of foreign trade clothing foreign trade clothing are foreign trade tail single goods. The so-called foreign trade tail single goods are the original single goods manufacturer is that part of the rest of the product, after export orders and exports before the multi-channel strict inspection out "incomplete", this kind of incomplete will not affect wearing. Due to the garment factory already make enough profit in the order, plus the production process factory just out of human need not bear the cost of raw materials, so much out of the tail goods alone into the business. Manufacturers wholesale out with very low price, the price is not high to our hands. Although the foreign trade clothing are cheap, but quality is first-class, version type and fabrics are provided by foreign brands, clothing how could that be a "good"? Think so cheap and fine clothes.   

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