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Children's clothing in the development of the market space

On the children's clothes market in China at present there are more and bigger development space. The family more children in the family economic conditions, many children are picking up the brother elder sister in the rest of the clothes to wear, a lot of time to the New Year's day is a holiday to buy a new dress. Now every family have only one child, the economic condition is becoming more and more superior, children are the parents of little emperors, small princess, everything for the children is the best pet. So the children into a piece of cake in the garment industry, also many adults are turning to brand children's wear brand management. Some foreign trade enterprises to start with children's wear brand in the mode of operation management in the domestic market, friends international big brands have also begun to children's wear brand extends gradually into the domestic market, want to get a slice of this action. Children's wear brand is becoming more and more to the high-end development. 

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