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Clothing shop owner how to get a good goods
1, want to see you and factories, tail goods dealers of friendship is not strong;
2, depends on the boss's courage big;
3, to see whether the foreign supervisor too strict is lax. Such as a mainland sells very good brand recently sold to Germany, the supply of goods is broken, now sell all inventory. Again such as GUCCI, LV, these big, end all is destroyed, so the owner can get high imitation products.
On the other hand, the experience as a tail to test the tail goods wholesalers and judgment. Provide tail for manufacturers of goods, the quantity and quality and sales are expected to be a proper judgment.

Despite clothing tail goods market hot market demand, but also need to strengthen the market management and operator supply channels, the control of the quality of the products are sold, etc, by the good faith as the principle, to avoid the fake and shoddy products, such as the garbage living among them, affect the benign development of the market. 

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